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Your own engine rebuilt to perfection by perfectionists.

With an organisation of great expertise and stature and a wealth of knowledge in both modern, performance and standard, prestige and commercial automotive engines you can trust Charles Willcox hailed by countless trade and retail customers enjoying the fruits of their motto ‘Build once, but well’.

Your quotation is always individually prepared based on your vehicle’s engine number matched to our expert advice. From the moment you receive your quote you are already in safe and competent hands and technical support is on hand too when you are considering your options. All quotes are valid for 28 days so choose wisely and call upon the sales and engineering office for their input


One option that you should steer clear from is to have your current repairer or main dealer persuade you to have ‘a new engine’. Beware! Remember a new engine is often a second-hand engine from a scrap or accident damaged vehicle and it will cost you more in the long run when things go wrong and you now have 2 parties to blame, ie the repairer and the engine supplier!

People come first! Unlike garages and main dealers whose businesses relay on repeat business,
At Charles Willcox you won’t find anything other than straight talking honesty which results in having your engine totally rebuilt back to perfection first time, rather than trying to fix individual problems which can only mean in repeat and inferior repairs and a constant drain on your valuable time and money. The workshops in unity work to the highest possible standards.


As the warranty is your safeguard it is underwritten by the workshop and not brokered. How often have you invested in a vehicle warranty that doesn’t cover the part which fails? For 12 months or 12000 miles whichever falls sooner, all parts and labour involved in the rebuild are covered . The only exclusions is a part which did not fall under the remit of the rebuild like a failed starter motor for example.

At Charles Willcox, value for money is measured in the long not short term. That’s why your own engine which matches vehicle records for both the DVLA, Police and insurers is the one you will have completely rebuilt. And remember if you lease your vehicle you may have to pay a large penalty or the vehicle could be refused at the end of the lease term if you decide to do an engine swap.


Obtaining a quote is really quite simple and you only need give out your name and contact details which include your registration number and we will do the initial fact finding which will include a courtesy call to you so we can have a deeper understanding of the issues and your immediate needs. This is the most vital part of the quote so please look out for the call.

At Charles Willcox, quality counts. The workshops will always endeavour to get you re-united with your vehicle in a reasonable length of time but if they are not happy with something , then that’s where the perfection kicks in and the wait will be well worth it. We usually say 14-21 working days from start to finish give or take a day or 2 each side


At Charles Willcox our team from sales, support, recoveries and the workshops all share in strong work ethics and customer care. We have all been left without our vehicles at one time or another and the wrench can sometimes be stressful and disruptive. Our simple on-line audit system will tell you how your job is getting on .

There are some poor imitations of what Charles Willcox has made a lifetime perfecting and that is why some of the largest and most renown insurance, warranty and leasing companies use Charle Willcox. We serve the volume engine rebuild market for the UK for you the retail, small business or major fleet customer. We make time for you and thank you for keeping the brand standing strong.


Get in touch today with our dedicated sales and engineering team. Your quote is free and detailed. It is on file for 28 days so you can re-visit it and should you have any questions we are here to give you those answers. Should you wish to go ahead the process is fast and simple and your vehicle is likely to be collected within 48 hours.

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